Thank you to Lighter Capital for co-hosting our recent webinar. Dustin Bruzenak, Modern Logic CEO, served as a moderator for a panel of marketing experts: Carrie Waite, Assistant VP of Strategic Partnerships for Pets Best, with previous experience as a senior marketing manager; Eileen Hansen, Director in Digital Experience at Valera, with extensive experience in B2B technology marketing; and Nate Champion, Chief Growth Officer at Banner Commerce and the founder of LookBack. They provided their feedback on getting from zero to one in B2B scaling.

Test Different Channels

Nate Champion: Be thoughtful when evaluating what channel is right to pursue For example, in B2B, channels like LinkedIn work much better than B2C. B2B can also work on paid social.

For example, in my work with LookBack, we needed to answer, “who does this product resonate with, and what is the messaging that works?”

While it is not the most efficient, what’s getting me the most information is to run paid social, going broad, testing multiple types of creative and seeing what works and doesn’t work quickly.

Right away, I’m noticing that females talking about their memories works way better than males up front. Okay, cool, check. What are they talking about? Are they sharing photos among family? Sharing photos of the newborn? Are they new parents? You might just have to accept that it’s going to be a little bit inefficient. Once you have those learnings, you can feed it into other channels that are more challenging, and make sure your messaging is on point. Those channels that are harder to like scale right out of the gate, but can be hugely impactful – for example, influencers and partnerships.

Focus on Relationships

Carrie Waite: Look at the opportunity to go to market with partners who can help you market and sell your product. That’s the one to many scale that can get you out there really quickly as well.

Ask yourself: Do you have current customers who can love you? Can they be a referral partner who gets some sort of kickback?

Find Ways to Stand Out

Dustin Bruzenak: Many people are investing in things like digital products and websites to try to attract people in a world where everyone’s doing that, and so the data is all about getting to the message in front of the right people, instead of more people. We’ve gotten good at getting the message to everyone, but getting it to the specific person that has buying intent right now is where the analysis comes in. Everyone’s so inundated with noise that they just tune it out these days if it isn’t squarely hitting the target.

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