Modern Logic & Thrivors™ are teaming up to democratize cancer care. 

COVID-19 has moved the whole world online. It’s shaken up the global economy. It’s both accelerated social impact startups’ urgency and created roadblocks to funding.

In response, Modern Logic launched a service giveaway in Summer 2020, aimed at helping startups grow the digital side of their business. Congratulations to the grand prize winner of $5,000 in services, Thrivors!

Through the giveaway, the Modern Logic team helped bring the vision of a Thrivors mobile app to life. Learn more about this team effort that will bring patients from surviving to thriving:

How Can We Bring Cancer Patients From Surviving to Thriving?

The fight for life doesn’t end when a patient survives cancer. “If I’m a cancer patient,” Cathy Skinner, CEO of Thrivors explains, “I may have frailty, muscle loss, bone loss, and neuropathy. I survived cancer (and treatment), but I feel lost, scared, and concerned about what is next. When treatment ends, they give you a big binder full of resources and you leave the clinic.” Those resources may be overwhelming in scale, impersonal, or obsolete. Thrivors is like a better version of that binder. It includes personalized exercise recommendations adjusted to daily pain and energy levels, recipes designed to fulfill survivors’ unique nutritional needs, guided meditations, and a private virtual support group connecting survivors with other users.

Beyond bringing resources together to make daily life easier for survivors, Thrivors also serves as a collection of patient-powered data describing symptom levels over time. “You can bring that personal record to your doctor and use it to inform treatment,” Cathy elaborates. “It equips patients to feel better, feel more in control, and be their own advocates.” In 2018, Thrivors web-based platform launched as a part of an 18-month clinical trial. The web-based platform had all the functions necessary for research purposes: virtual consenting, measurable participant utilization, surveys, and reporting. Once the trial ended in 2020; however, Cathy had a bigger plan for Thrivors.

She wanted to make Thrivors a mobile app. She needed a way to show investors what scaling Thrivors would mean for survivors. That’s where Modern Logic came in.

Thrivors Wins Top Prize in Modern Logic’s Giveaway

Cathy saw the giveaway announcement on the Minnesota Emerging Software Advisory (MESA) platform, and it sparked her attention.

After submitting her story and making the final round of applicants, Thrivors was granted the top prize: $5,000 in services. Modern Logic agreed to help her translate the web version of Thrivors to a mobile app design.

“Offering resources to cancer survivors is a topic that’s near and dear to the hearts of people on the team,” adds John Thomalla, Process Engineer at Modern Logic. “It was super exciting that we were able to align with such a high impact project. Our goal with the Giveaway was to help people, and through Thrivors, our reach was able to spread.”

Modern Logic Imagines the Mobile App

Modern Logic provided a detailed illustration of how the web-based platform could be translated to a mobile format. “We mapped out their customer journeys and used them to create design flows that provided the content and functionality of the app. After verifying the content, we unleashed our Sr. Designer to add life and branding, allowing Thrivors to realize the look and feel of the finished app,” John states.

“Changing Cancer Care As We Know It”

With the mobile app framework in hand, Cathy sees more doors opening for Thrivors, from another research study to extending service internationally: “In our original study, we wanted 50 women to participate. 200 were screened, and 134 finished. We hit it out of the park, because no one had to go to a clinical site. It was a 100% virtual trial. Now, we’re leveraging this virtual model with a nonprofit out of Montreal, Canada.”

It will also be a springboard for commercial customers, used to pitch pharmaceutical manufacturers and insurance payers. She concludes, “ModernLogic’s template has a lot of potential future pathways.”

Modern Logic’s team knew Thrivors had the potential for incredible impact on survivors’ quality of life, but there is even more at stake: the Thrivors app could democratize access to survivorship support. “Patients with limited health literacy, that struggle with social determinants of health, that don’t have access to supportive care after treatment have worse outcomes. Now, by having tech in their hands, they can have access to some of the support systems they need and deserve. The goal is to change cancer care as we know it.” With the framework for a mobile app, Thrivors is closer to making that possible.

To learn more about Thrivors, see their website:

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