“They’re rockstars!” – Appy Hour 

Modern Logic & AppyHour teamed up to convert data into great deals for restaurants and their guests. 

COVID-19 has moved the whole world online. It’s shaken up the global economy and the restaurant industry. That means Appy Hour was facing a challenge and an opportunity. 

Modern Logic launched a service giveaway in Summer 2020, aimed at helping startups grow the digital side of their business. AppyHour was one of the prize winners! The Modern Logic team helped AppyHour maximize their current infrastructure and create a roadmap for what’s next. See how they did it: 

Their Story Begins with a $12 Beer.

On a sunny evening in Spain, Neil Jirele went out for drinks with his fellow members of the internship abroad program. He nearly fainted when he saw the price of each drink: more than 12 US dollars each! He immediately thought, there has to be a way to find live food and drink specials near me so i can extend my euros through the summer and still enjoy the city of Madrid.

That’s easier said than done. Neil was searching for an app that could help him find live food and drink promotions in his area – but he couldn’t find one. “Not only is this a problem for me, but it’s a problem for the nearby restaurants who are trying to reach consumers like me at the point of decision making.” says Neil. “ I figured, if I can solve this problem, it’d be great in Madrid, in Iowa City, or in Minneapolis where I was raised!” 

Neil and his friends built AppyHour to solve this problem. It first launched in Iowa City, their college town, was brought to Minneapolis, and has just launched in Louisville, Kentucky – the bourbon capital of the world. 

With COVID-19 shaking up the restaurant industry and the demand for takeout skyrocketing, AppyHour needed to adapt. That’s where Modern Logic came in. 

Modern Logic Partners with Appy Hour 

After AppyHour won a service giveaway prize, Modern Logic hosted a Mini Discovery Session with AppyHour’s internal development team to tap into the full potential of their technology resources. 

“We hosted a mini discovery session on what we call the Initiative Prioritization Model,” says John Thomalla. In the session, the Modern Logic team spun ideas for how AppyHour could improve their analytics. By the end of the four hour session, AppyHour’s team had clarity on their project timeline, development tools, and processes. Modern Logic’s discovery process is unique. “Everyone has their own flavor, but we’ve structured our own with a secret sauce that robustly fits a range of projects,” says John. 

Some of the questions AppyHour got answers to included: How can we leverage our data in future iterations? How do we provide data driven deal recommendations? How do we demonstrate value to customer accounts? How do we leverage that for sales and marketing initiatives? The answers: use what you have, smarter. 

What was really beneficial was having the Modern Logic team guide us in how to use the technology framework that we have already built up. They helped us identify opportunities and validate our back end infrastructure, along with a lot of great ideation in terms of mobile app engagement, retention, and gamification. We left with: here are the next 5 things that need to be done,” says Neil. 

What’s Next for Appy Hour?

AppyHour has gone from a place to find cheap beer to extend your dollars to a smart marketing platform for local businesses. With the new framework in mind, AppyHour has begun leveraging Amazon Web Services and expanding their reach. “This downtime during the initial months of COVID let us focus on that and deliver a great product and identify new opportunities. We’re asking how we can bring value in response to the times, like reservations and takeout schedules. Response has been phenomenal,” says Neil. We may be socially distant, but good deals on drinks and meals are still close by with AppyHour & Modern Logic’s collaboration.

To learn more about AppyHour or bring its services to your area, visit: https://www.appyhourmobile.com/

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