For the COVID-19 response giveaway, Modern Logic teamed up with ZeSa Fitness to boost the momentum of their up-and-coming fitness revolution.

COVID-19 has moved the whole world online. It’s shaken up the global economy. It’s both accelerated social impact startups’ urgency and created roadblocks to funding. 

In response, Modern Logic launched a service giveaway in Summer 2020, aimed at helping startups grow the digital side of their business. Congratulations to one of our winners: ZeSa! 

The Modern Logic team gave ZeSa’s pitch deck a makeover and a solid understanding of what it will take to build out their digital ecosystem. Learn more about the results of their team effort, and why a pitch deck can make or break your brand. 

ZeSa Started With a Stable Foundation.

Minneapolis-based ZeSa Fitness is creating a new floor for fitness: instability devices for exercise. Why exercise on unstable ground? “The biggest advantage is that it involves maximum muscle recruitment,” says Cindy Vavra, CEO and co-founder of ZeSa. Strength training is typically done on a gym floor, which is highly effective, but only works primary muscles. Instability engages a second and third tier of muscles, bringing all of them into play. That strengthens the body, areas around the joints, and can help prevent injuries. 

It makes ZeSa’s products great for professional athletes and everyday exercisers alike. “While our products are popular with performance athletes, we have a progressive series – an entry level device – that is suitable to use for someone just beginning their exercise journey, or for an aging adult to help with balance. We also have 5 progressive levels. As someone trains and works on our product, they can work with higher levels on their bodies. You never hit a plateau – you can always challenge your body,” explains Cindy.  

Modern Logic Helped ZeSa Craft Their Pitch.

ZeSa has achieved sales to 25 major professional sports teams, like the Vikings, Timberwolves, and the Lynx. Demand is growing. Cindy knew it was time to take the next steps for ZeSa. She came to Modern Logic with a question: “Where do we go forward from here?”

To answer that question, Modern Logic’s team brought ZeSa’s team through the Initiative Prioritization Model. John Thomalla explains, “During the IPM process, we did a brain dump of the highest-impact things we could do for ZeSa. Of the 15 items we identified, creating a stylized and branded presentation/pitch deck for investors rose to the top.” 

How A Pitch Deck Can Make or Break Your Brand:

When you have a great product, there are so many fantastic things to say about it – but a pitch deck needs to be stylish, streamlined, and snappy. Modern Logic went to work narrowing down the most important aspects of ZeSa’s pitch. 

“Our initial deck was very long and involved,” says Cindy. “This process helped us focus on the main aspects of our company. We previously had way too much information, making it look like we were doing too much. The new pitch deck helped us narrow our focus to the most important aspects of our company. 

Modern Logic’s team sorted through statistics and found stand-outs: like the fact that studies show that instability training can increase muscle activation by as much as 47% percent, and could also decrease risk of injuries by up to 46%.

ZeSa’s new pitch deck is designed to provide a compelling case for investing in instability products. “This pitch deck is more precise, more impressive, and more likely to move us forward with investor funding. There will be a long term impact for us,” says Cindy, “because the more eyes are on it, the more we can get this product throughout the US and educate people on instability training.”

ZeSa Fitness sample slide decks

Sample images from ZeSa Fitness’ new pitch deck. How can Modern Logic articulate your solution to investors?

What’s Next for ZeSa

COVID-19 won’t slow down ZeSa. With the new pitch deck in hand and growing demand for their products, ZeSa is poised to break through. Instability devices may become a popular new surface to work from at home: “We are seeing more people working out from home. We’ve had inquiries about our products for stand-up desk use!” Cindy explains. “People who have used it while working from home at their stand up desk are working their core muscles while working at the laptop. There’s really a device for everyone.” 

To learn more about ZeSa’s products, contact Cindy Vavra and check out their website: ZesaFitness.

Does your pitch deck need a makeover? Contact Modern Logic to elevate your pitch’s style and substance!