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We Develop Integrations for InnovativeMedicalAutomotiveB2C ,


Modern Logic has a history of doing complex integrations between mobile devices and hardware, specific to the medical field and also for more broad applications. Our team has been building Bluetooth integrated mobile apps since Bluetooth was available on each platform, across dozens of projects on both Android and iOS. We’ve written firmware, debugged in-progress hardware, and supported R&D and grant work for our clients. Through it all, we’ve worked closely with product teams of all sizes to ensure that their hardware and software works seamlessly to deliver on their promises to their end users.

Select Medical Applications

Max Mobility

Max Mobility Smart Drive


Max Mobility is the inventor of the Smart Drive. Smart Drive motors transform any wheelchair into a powered wheelchair, reducing repetitive stress that is a common problem for wheelchair users. Max Mobility was purchased by Permobil in 2018.

Our team collaborated with Max Mobility through the lifecycle process of the Smart Drive hardware, from the earliest
builds of the drive through to production manufacturing. We designed and developed a cross-platform mobile app that uses Bluetooth to provide additional services to the wheelchair user, including the ability to update firmware on the fly, track battery life, and use GPS and motion tracking for health and fitness management.




HabitAware makes the Keen2, a smart wristband that tracks unwanted subconscious behavior—such as hair pulling and skin picking—and trains users to reduce those behaviors using haptic feedback. Keen was named one of Time Magazine’s Best Inventions in 2018.

HabitAware came to us with a bare bones mobile implementation based on the first iteration of the Keen hardware and a goal to make the product better for their much improved version 2 band. Our product team concepted, designed, and developed a modern mobile app that provides a wide array of features to expand on the Keen2 hardware, as well as updating the UI/UX to the level of quality expected by today’s users. As part of the project, we also built the Bluetooth integration with the new Keen2 hardware, and assisted in the development of both the firmware and their motion tracking AI.

Select Other Projects

Suunto 7R

Suunto 7R


Suunto Oy is a Finnish manufacturer of watches and dive equipment. Suunto came to Modern Logic for help launching a new brand of smart watch targeted at loyal Suunto customers who were used to interacting with the design and quality sensibility unique to Suunto products.

Our team collaborated remotely with the client watch team in Finland to design and ship a mobile app that paired with the 7R watch line, doing GPS, fitness, and trip tracking in an ongoing, battery sensitive way. Additional features used map technology from MapKit, along with phone photos, to highlight customer experiences with the Suunto brand through a live journal. All of this was seamlessly delivered through a Bluetooth connection designed and built by the Modern Logic team.

CalPro ADAS Solutions

CalPro ADAS Solutions


When a modern vehicle gets into a collision, it’s not just the physical aspects of the vehicle that need repair. Dozens, if not hundreds, of sensors in the average new car need to be reviewed and re-calibrated. This modernization caught the traditional car repair industry by surprise, and they often lose the revenue of sensor calibration to more specialized service shops or, even worse, fail to do the repairs at all.

CalPro ADAS integrates with a hardware dongle to connect to a vehicle and pulls important sensor data, cross-referencing it with online documentation in order to provide up to date, real time sensor calibration information to technicians.

Modern Logic worked with CalPro from the ideation phase through the design and implementation phases, helping them identify manufacturing partners and testing hardware for the best solution to the sensor challenge. Once hardware was identified, we built a modern, cross-platform mobile application that connects with the dongle to pull pertinent information and cross reference it with online databases, providing on the spot reporting to technicians in repair shops. We’ve continued to improve the app post-launch, including adding analytics and building and maintaining an ecosystem of web services to extend the base product and CalPro business.

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