It’s been another unusual year amidst the COVID-19 pandemic and a shifting work environment. Nonetheless, Modern Logic has a lot to be grateful for and even more to be excited about in 2022. Our team shared their thoughts about what went right and what they’re looking forward to most in 2022:

Chip Pedersen

2021 was a big year for Modern Logic. Our company brought on several great new hires. My favorite moments were seeing these team members grow in their roles, taking on new responsibilities, and showing what they can do in their projects and in working with our clients. We also kept our culture and shipped lots of products for our clients.

I will leave the new technology for the developers. I am more excited about our team members continuing to grow and helping to solve our clients problems in 2021.

Linda Cummings

This has been an exciting year for sales. We added new clients that are bringing great value to the market with their digital software concepts; we’ve extended our relationships with current customers as we continue to support the evolution of their life cycle development needs and we’ve attained new revenue levels that have allowed us to grow our team and bring in exceptional new talent. We’ve also established some rich and exciting partnerships. It is so rewarding to build the relationships that we have with skilled innovators and leaders. Each project and relationship is enriching and greatly valued.

Dylan Bruzenak

2021 was an exciting year with lots of both continuing and new projects. It’s hard to pick just one favorite moment, but if I had to, it would be the launching of a photo sharing app with a focus on sharing with loved ones. It’s a lovely app with the theme of revisiting memories with friends and family. During the launch the founder welcomed his first child into the world, so many of the first memories revolved around his newborn. It highlighted the kind of impact apps can have on our lives.

On the business side we welcomed some new hires. They’re tremendously talented and it has been an honor to work with them.

For 2022, I’m excited to ship a few more projects that are currently under wraps. On the technical side, I’m excited to see where React Native and AWS cloud services go this year. AWS re:Invent just happened and there’s a lot of very interesting analytics, BI, and AI work underway and I can’t wait to see how we can use this to help our customers get better insights into their data.

Andy Rahn

2021 has been a year of tremendous opportunities but also one of tremendous challenges. Obviously in the time of a pandemic, we’ve all faced uncertainties about our jobs, the economy, and of course the welfare of ourselves and our families. But in spite of these challenges, I am very proud of the work we’ve done helping create the app Wunder for our partner Understood for All. This is an app that helps families of children with learning challenges. It’s staffed by experts in various fields of child development. There are groups where you can ask questions, or just vent! It includes a resource center with helpful tips. The design is in warm, positive colors. And we’ve spent a ton of effort making it work well with screen readers so that it’s accessible. And now that the initial Minimum Viable Product has been built, we’re moving on to another exciting phase of development – experiments and tests! This is the part where we see how users are engaging with features and tune and tweak to make them work better.

The next year is going to show a ton of exciting new business come to life — and Modern Logic is going to be a part of that! We are great at helping a startup put together that initial build of the next great app. But beyond that, we’re also going to be watching those startups whose founders planted the seeds of innovation this year. What new ways will help them capture market share? How will the ever changing landscape of technology create new opportunities for them to find their niche?

Peter Bassett

It’s fun joining a fast growing team! I joined Modern Logic in July as a Business Development Rep and the adventure has never stopped. There are always new challenges to solve and everyday is an opportunity to give your best. What drew me to this company is that we bring people’s passions and dreams to life. Whether it’s a feature to find market fit or a technical hurdle that needed support, the team here has always been ready.

Ryan Pedersen

Crazy to think 2021 is just about over, it was jam packed with clients, projects, & internal work. I am hoping this stays true not only in the coming year but for the future of Modern Logic.

I really got to stretch my creative muscles this year on different projects and step out of my comfort zone when it comes to some development work. I believe I came out of this year as a stronger designer.

Kisha Delain

This has been a short year for me at Modern Logic – I only joined the team in August. I’ve been having a great time jumping into a variety of projects and technologies. It’s been great working with everyone here, and I’m very excited to be leading projects and helping to grow the team in the new year! I think 2022 will shape up into a really excellent year full of fun projects.

Fabian Lema

I have shared a short time with the Modern Logic team, but it was enough to be part of interesting projects, solving challenges and get great experience in some items that I have not worked on before. In addition, I am pleased to work with professional teams in all different areas, making the company very robust.

In the upcoming year, I hope to continue getting experience and sharing it with more people who need it. I am optimistic that next year will be better than the current one, with even more focus on projects getting success.

Bonus: Look forward to an exciting interview about what excites Dustin Bruzenak about 2022 in the upcoming weeks!

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