Modern Logic Built a New Persuasive & Informative Website for the Minnesota Urban Debate LeagueWe loved partnering with this non profit and being a part of their important and impactful initiative!

When you’re in the business of communication, your website better reflect it. Modern Logic made it happen, building the Minnesota Urban Debate League a persuasive and informative nonprofit website.

The Nonprofit Client

The Minnesota Urban Debate League (MNUDL) is a program of Augsburg University which provides academic, competitive debate programming to more than 1,000 middle and high school students in the Twin Cities. The mission of MNUDL is to empower students through competitive academic debate to become engaged learners, critical thinkers, and active global citizens who are effective advocates for themselves and their communities.

The Challenge

MNUDL leads the nation as an early pioneer of middle school urban debate, the nation’s largest Spanish Debate League, and first East African Debate initiative of its kind. Unfortunately, its formerly outdated web design did not reflect its cutting edge programming.

Debate is complex. Urban debate is more than an after-school activity. Like sports, it builds camaraderie and teamwork. Like an academic intervention, it helps build important academic skills and knowledge. Like a social movement, it empowers students to put their leadership skills in all aspects of life. A debater’s job is to crystallize different elements of any case in a brief and digestible manner. How could a website explaining the work do the same?

Modern Logic’s Solution

The Modern Logic team helped MNUDL imagine a website that showcases each of the year-round debate programs, with a strong emphasis on student voice and storytelling.

“Over the years, our graphic designer, Genesia Williams, has created a strong visual voice for the MNUDL in print materials. More than anything, we wanted to see our organization’s website reflect that level of quality and thoughtfulness,” says Bob Groven, the Faculty Director at the Minnesota Urban Debate League.

“Communication and student voice are both central to the MNUDL’s mission. Modern Logic’s team understood the choices we wanted to make regarding representation and incorporating students’ voices wherever possible. Thanks to their work, we now have a website that aligns with our mission and vision to amplify student voices,” says Rebecca Froehlich, Development & Communications Specialist at the MNUDL.

Now, thanks to Modern Logic, the MNUDL website makes a clear case for debate. Check out the website for yourself!

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