This is the first in a five part series where we will share the Key Takeaways from the webinar: Building SaaS that Scale: Accelerating Sales, Hosted by Modern Logic and Lighter Capital on August 18th.

Use a Product Advisory Council


  1. To see your product from the customer’s point of view
  2. To learn how the customer articulates their problems so you can incorporate that learning as you create sales content andmarket back to them
  3. To identify and clarify your target customer
  4. To solve a specific problem your customer has
  5. To test your hypothesis

How to Create Product Advisory Council:

  1. Create a list of potential customers that fit your target market
  2. Create a compelling email to the CEOs of the companies about joining the council. It is very important that you are providing them value. (For example, CEOs meeting in one place to talk about a specific problem they have and how to solve that problem is good value – for everyone involved)
  3. Within the emails create a deck explaining the process
  4. You aren’t selling to them, they are only there to advise you
  5. This group will meet quarterly

Key Takeaway:
By building a community of influencers you will not only have an opportunity to create a forum of learning you will invariably build a committed network of people that are now aligned around your product. As a result, you are equipped to go-to-market informed and to speak from the value point of view. This is a critical first step in the process of building a strategy to accelerate sales. – More to come with the second key-takeaway in the series.

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