Cookies are a great way to say “I miss you.” With Cookie Cart’s new website, designed by Modern Logic, more customers can support Cookie Cart’s mission from home. 

Cookie Cart provides work, life, and leadership lessons to Twin Cities teens through entrepreneurship, and it’s growing. While the nonprofit gains most of its support through corporations, foundations, and individual donors, Cookie Cart is poised to make their cookies pay off in a big way. “Social enterprise is a huge movement and it’s a no-brainer for us to make cookies an earned revenue stream for us,” says Taylor Lubich from Cookie Cart. “Donors and customers need to know that we really sell cookies! It was important to make that part of our website really appealing for customers.” 

Taylor made it happen in partnership with Modern Logic. She says,

“We’re a nonprofit and a bakery, and our primary workforce is youth. We’re just not a traditional e-commerce site. We have a lot of different elements we need on our website. In working with Ryan & Chip from Modern Logic, they took on those challenges head on and helped understand who Cookie Cart is and what we do. They really listened, and we appreciated that. They wanted and found the best solutions for our needs!”

Check out Cookie Cart’s new website:  – Designed & Developed by Modern Logic

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