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Write better content, faster with PageForge,
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Works with any theme

PageForge improves your rough ideas and concepts, turning firsts drafts into polished content. It learns your style for tailored editing suggestions, making content creation seamless and efficient.


AI Generation

Need help creating engaging Titles, Paragraphs, Lists, or Call to Actions?

AI Generate takes the seed of raw data and information and, with advanced algorithms, blossoms it into a coherent, structured draft of content. This initial output serves as a malleable base, which you can then meticulously sculpt and refine into your final piece through the use of targeted, specific prompts.

Quick Actions

Streamlining Your Writing Process with AI-Powered Efficiency

Use PageForge Quick Actions to quickly edit & refine your content. Need to shorten or paraphrase text. With a click of a button these actions are instantly are applied to your text.

Need to do a spelling & grammar pass? A quick button press and your text is instantly refined.

Select Your Voice




Coming Soon

Need a Consistent Tone for Your Content?

PageForge is built with different ‘Voices’ to give your content a consistent tone. You can select a voice to be your default tone for all quick actions. But that can be easily changed when needing to write a Marketing newsletter or a Business changed. More voices are on the way!

Feature Road map

Image Prompt Generation

Use PageForge to help create custom royalty free imagery to pair with your content.

Quick Actions

Be able to create and customize your own personal quick actions to improve your personal workflow.

Full Page Layout Generation

Have PageForge help you create templates or layouts based on your needs.


Founders Price

Basic Plan

The perfect plan to get started.
Perfect for a single site or multiple small sites.

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1 Subscription for all your WordPress websites

Non-refundable, try a free trial on any WordPress Website. Compatible with most WordPress Themes & WordPress 6.4.
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PageForge seamlessly operates within WordPress, simplifying the process of generating and placing text effortlessly. With the Quick Actions feature, you can efficiently edit, rephrase, shorten, lengthen, or paraphrase content directly within the WordPress environment.

PageForge seamlessly integrates with themes utilizing either the Block Editor or any WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) Editor, ensuring flexibility and compatibility with a wide array of design choices.

At present, PageForge exclusively caters to English, but we are actively working on expanding language support to include a wider range of options in the near future.

Follow the Getting Started Guide on how to purchase, install, and use PageForge.

To download the PageForge press kit, please click the link below:

Download PageForge Press Kit