Cookie Cart

“They wanted and found the best solutions for our needs!”

01. Who They Are

Cookie Cart provides work, life, and leadership lessons to Twin Cities teens through entrepreneurship.

02. The Problem

Their growing nonprofit has a social entrepreneurship model: kids make cookies and donors can buy them. Their nonprofit website needed more elements than a traditional e-commerce site.

03. Modern Logic’s Solution

Modern Logic gave Cookie Cart a website makeover.

CalPro ADAS Solutions Website

04. Results

We’re a nonprofit and a bakery, and our primary workforce is youth. We’re just not a traditional e-commerce site. We have a lot of different elements we need on our website. In working with Ryan & Chip from Modern Logic, they took on those challenges head on and helped understand who Cookie Cart is and what we do. They really listened, and we appreciated that. They wanted and found the best solutions for our needs!

–  Taylor Lubich, Marketing and Communications Senior Manager at Cookie Cart