Pikup | Neighbor Powered Delivery

Modern Logic was instrumental in getting this idea going.

01. Who They Are

Pikup brings deals to users when they pick up items at local stores and national chains for friends and neighbors.

*Pikup was originally Runerra when Modern Logic worked with them when development started. They have since Rebranded and updated their design since then.

02. The Problem

Bharat Pulgam had a great idea for a delivery app, but it would require three separate interfaces- too complicated a project for someone without a technical background.

03. Modern Logic’s Solution

04. Results:

 Pikup earned the 2020 Minnesota Cup High Tech Division Top Prize and earned $500,000 in startup funding.

“Modern Logic was instrumental in getting this idea going. Not only were they basically our CTO, collectively – they helped us find our junior engineers. Even now, Dustin still attends all of our startup events to cheer us on!”

Bharat Pulgam, CEO of Pikup