Your Ideas,Dreams,Goals, We Help Make Them Happen

Your IdeasDreamsGoals ,

We Help Make Them Happen

How We Work With You

From front end design to development to backend analytics, we can get the job done. If you have a need involving technology, we can provide expertise that addresses it. Because every company we’ve worked with has a unique set of needs, we’ve built out a number of different ways we can work together that adds the most value to your business or project.

Our partnerships look like

  • Full time, Full Stack Development Partner
  • Senior Development Support

  • Project Augmentation/Leadership

  • Backend Platform Integration & Analytics

  • Security, Architecture & Cloud Services

Our Services

We’ve developed a number of processes
to provide the following services:


Technical Roadmapping
& Planning

Digital Transformation


Web & Mobile



Web & Mobile Applications

& Machine Learning

& IoT Integration

& Google Cloud

Cloud API’s
& Microservices





Data Driven
Decision Making

Other Services

Code Architecture
& Security Audits

Backend & Cloud
Services Consultations

The Lifecycle Approach

We take a lifecycle approach in making sure that what we’re building follows lean & agile
frameworks and is going to be useful for you at scale. Here’s how the phases are typically broken down.

Phase 1


On the front end of a technology problem, there are often tradeoffs to be made around platform selection, short & long term feature selection, and scalability architecture. In the Strategy Phase, we focus on quickly (1-2 weeks) optimizing these tradeoffs on the front end to save you time and money down the road.

Phase 2


If you need designs for your project, we can do that too. Our designers have been working with the same developers for half a decade, giving them time to flesh out the difference between making something that’s pretty, and designing something that’s elegant, functional and cost effective.

Phase 3


Once goals are set and details are fleshed out, we unleash our teams of principal developers on the problem, who feed easier tasks to tested intermediate developers that help keep costs low. Our principle developers make sure the build is up to par and satisfy the requirements set by you.

Phase 4


We’ve mastered the art of shipping on time and on budget. As our team has been building apps since the app stores launched, we know what it takes to test and optimize an app for submission.

Phase 5

Longterm Partnerships

We understand that the challenges aren’t over after the first launch… or the 10th. We’re here to work through problems that come up and make sure you’re excited about where you’re going and have a clear path to get there.

Believe In The Team

We have a mix of battle tested Strategists, Designers, Project Managers, & Principal Developers on staff that have decades of experience launching 125+ games and mobile apps from Apple, Adobe, & Microsoft. Solving hard problems is what we’re passionate about.

Do you have a problem you need help solving?