Lookback: The Storytelling App

“They demonstrated so much interest in the product and they did so much up front work.”

01. Mission

A unique app for reliving life’s greatest moments.

Lookback lets people share and preserve memories – it integrates photo and video sharing into a unique experience for enjoying cherished life events.

02. The Problem

The lookback MVP concept required rapid exploratory design and synchronized agile development.

03. Modern Logic’s Solution

Starting with design concepts, Modern Logic created pixel-perfect screens and user flows, ready for implementation. Close coordination between the creative and dev teams allowed quick iterations, optimization for ease of use, and validation of experience.

The MVP is powered by a robust cloud-based engine for photo and video content. It was built as a cross-platform app from day 1. It leverages powerful analytics for customer engagement.

Upon enthusiastic reception of the initial MVP, Modern Logic helped scope and rapidly deliver follow-on features, such as web sharing and SMS messaging integration.

Modern logic’s QA team performed full-scale device testing throughout the agile process. This was a key driver for keeping the rapidly changing codebase robust and well architected.

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04. Results

“Modern Logic would consider things other people would not. Everything from deciding what kind of code to write, how to build it, memory, segment, tying users together, onboarding, understanding tradeoffs-all those little things.”

–  Nate Champion, CEO at Lookback