Hockey Labs by TeamGenius

“We hired Modern Logic because the services they provided made them a one-stop shop for us”

01. Mission

A great-looking, smooth-running cross-platform sports training app.

Hockey Labs by TeamGenius

02. The Problem

TeamGenius had expertise in every area except one – cross-platform mobile development. They also had to launch a great app on a tight schedule.

03. Modern Logic’s Solution

From initial sketches to pixel-perfect screen concepts, Modern Logic delivered a great app design – FAST.

Meanwhile, Modern Logic’s development staff joined TeamGenius’ in-house developers to form a single team with a shared purpose. Using joint task tracking, messaging channels, and shared development sessions, they rapidly constructed both an app, and a back-end control layer, joined by a GraphQL API.

The goal was not just to launch an app, but to level up TeamGenius’ developers with the expertise to maintain it.

Hockey Labs app delivers engaging training activities for youth sports participants, their parents, and their team leaders. It lets them quickly and enjoyably track practices and workouts.

The app is a cross-platform experience, powered by a flexible game engine for points, levels, and rewards. It integrates seamlessly with TeamGenius’ web experience for subscription and signup.

Merging API data layers with user interfaces is an expected challenge when building an app. Modern logic was ready for this challenge, and helped refine and test APIs for correctness and performance.

Hockey Labs features multiple types of video content – some hosted by TeamGenius, and some by other providers. Modern Logic found and addressed many platform and player compatibility issues critical for a smooth video experience.

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04. Results

“The biggest problem they solved with us was helping us get over the technology learning curve. They also helped us think through the user experience and what the user would do in the app, before we began writing code.”

–  Todd Larson, CEO & Co-Founder at TeamGenius