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Why Mobile Applications are the Blocking and Tackling of Your Digital Strategy

For years now, your customers have been spending more and more time on their smartphones and other handheld devices than engaging brands on desktop or laptop computers. And this trend is just as true for B2B and B2C companies.  For instance, in 2021, time spent using shopping apps reached over 100 billion hours, which increased 18% year-over-year. Moreover, with the rapid rise of remote workers in the previous few years, more employees are using mobile apps to improve productivity from anywhere they work, says ServiceNow. Additionally, IDC predicts a 47% rise in corporate IT budgets going to mobile application development platforms and tools in 2022. By some accounts, up to 42% of small businesses employ mobile applications. Yes, mobile apps have become more critical than ever in developing your business’s digital strategy.  Mobile Applications: The Blocking and Tackling of Digital Strategy Mobile apps are essential for meeting your customers where they’re at, so you probably won’t find them sitting at a desk at home or in an office. To borrow a sports metaphor, we consider mobile applications the blocking [...]

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Removing Risk When Developing a Digital Product

6 Do’s and Don’ts to Remove Risk for Digital Products Modern Logic hosted an interactive discussion on Thursday, May 12th, Removing Risk When Developing Your Digital Products. We thank our partners who joined in the discussion: Lighter Capital’s Caitlin Goetze, MESA’s Todd Krautkremer, Kent Lillemoe, Beta’s Tiffany Singroy, as well as our own team members as they talked about ways to avoid risk. Removing risk saves precious money and time, allowing you to pursue your priorities and use your resources wisely. Our team shares their top Do’s and Don’ts for risk in digital product development. DO: Bet on the Right Debt “Debt isn’t bad,” our CEO, Dustin Bruzenak explains. “Debt can be good if you accelerate with that debt, and that’s especially true of technical debt.” It’s not a matter of if, but when you’ll make that bet. DON’T: Bet on New Tech Tried and true saves you money in the long run. Dustin explains, “Founders often have preconceived ideas about technology that we need to deprogram a little bit from a business perspective.” For example, technical co-founders sometimes [...]

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Investing in a Sure Thing: Kings of Capitalism’s Story – And the Value Modern Logic Brought as a Partner

“Thanks to Modern Logic, I look like a hero right now. It’s such a weight off your shoulders when you work with people who care about your business like you do.” Kings of Capitalism serves savvy investors who want to create a loaded portfolio of ‘sure-things’ to build wealth with low risk. In developing the app version of their service, they needed smart developers who could guarantee trust. Here’s how Modern Logic helped KoC leverage technology to create an app and website that builds wealth for users. […]

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Ask Andy: 7 Things Developers Want YOU to Know

Rednaxela Terrace is a street in Hong Kong. The name might look familiar if you squint: that’s Alexander spelled backwards. How’d that happen? English is written and read from left to right, but Chinese is read from right to left. The name was probably transcribed by a Chinese city clerk operating under their own understanding of language. Similarly, many misunderstandings between entrepreneurs and developers come from differing expectations. We featured Andy’s crash course in developer-speak on the Modern Logic blog, and today, he’s providing Part 2. Let’s go beyond recognizing words to understanding the underlying expectations developers have when entering a new project. Here are 7 tips developers want YOU to know! […]

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Ask Andy: A Common Vocabulary for Developers & Entrepreneurs

When startup entrepreneurs connect with developers, they often don’t speak the same language. That’s why Andy Rahn, Principle Engineer at Modern Logic, presented a crash course on developer jargon at Twin Cities Startup Week. Read on, and you’ll be conversational in Developer-Speak in no time! […]

Parlez-vous Developer-Speak? Andy Will Help You Overcome Your Language Barrier

When startup entrepreneurs connect with developers, they often don’t speak the same language. That’s why Andy Rahn, Principle Engineer at Modern Logic, will present a crash course on developer jargon at Twin Cities Startup Week. […]

In just 11 months, Modern Logic brought Lookback to life

Your photos aren’t your memories – it’s the stories behind them that are. Appreciate life’s journey with the only app built for retelling and reliving the memories that matter most: Lookback. The debut app provides a new way to share your favorite memories while connecting with others. In eleven months, Modern Logic brought Lookback to life! Learn more about the new app and how Modern Logic turned Metalab’s beautiful design into a working way to store living memories. […]

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