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Looking Back & Looking Forward: Our Team’s 2021 Reflections

It’s been another unusual year amidst the COVID-19 pandemic and a shifting work environment. Nonetheless, Modern Logic has a lot to be grateful for and even more to be excited about in 2022. Our team shared their thoughts about what went right and what they’re looking forward to most in 2022: Chip Pedersen 2021 was a big year for Modern Logic. Our company brought on several great new hires. My favorite moments were seeing these team members grow in their roles, taking on new responsibilities, and showing what they can do in their projects and in working with our clients. We also kept our culture and shipped lots of products for our clients. I will leave the new technology for the developers. I am more excited about our team members continuing to grow and helping to solve our clients problems in 2021. Linda Cummings This has been an exciting year for sales. We added new clients that are bringing great value to the market with their digital software concepts; we’ve extended our relationships with current customers as we continue [...]

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Ask Andy: 7 Things Developers Want YOU to Know

Rednaxela Terrace is a street in Hong Kong. The name might look familiar if you squint: that’s Alexander spelled backwards. How’d that happen? English is written and read from left to right, but Chinese is read from right to left. The name was probably transcribed by a Chinese city clerk operating under their own understanding of language. Similarly, many misunderstandings between entrepreneurs and developers come from differing expectations. We featured Andy’s crash course in developer-speak on the Modern Logic blog, and today, he’s providing Part 2. Let’s go beyond recognizing words to understanding the underlying expectations developers have when entering a new project. Here are 7 tips developers want YOU to know! […]

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Ask Andy: A Common Vocabulary for Developers & Entrepreneurs

When startup entrepreneurs connect with developers, they often don’t speak the same language. That’s why Andy Rahn, Principle Engineer at Modern Logic, presented a crash course on developer jargon at Twin Cities Startup Week. Read on, and you’ll be conversational in Developer-Speak in no time! […]

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