In just 11 months, Modern Logic brought Lookback to life

Your photos aren’t your memories – it’s the stories behind them that are. Appreciate life’s journey with the only app built for retelling and reliving the memories that matter most: Lookback. The debut app provides a new way to share your favorite memories while connecting with others. In eleven months, Modern Logic brought Lookback to life! Learn more about the new app and how Modern Logic turned Metalab’s beautiful design into a working way to store living memories. […]

Announcing Our Giveaway Winner: ZeSa Fitness

For the COVID-19 response giveaway, Modern Logic teamed up with ZeSa Fitness to boost the momentum of their up-and-coming fitness revolution. COVID-19 has moved the whole world online. It’s shaken up the global economy. It’s both accelerated social impact startups’ urgency and created roadblocks to funding.  In response, Modern Logic launched a service giveaway in Summer 2020, aimed at helping startups grow the digital side of their business. Congratulations to one of our winners: ZeSa!  The Modern Logic team gave ZeSa’s pitch deck a makeover and a solid understanding of what it will take to build out their digital ecosystem. Learn more about the results of their team effort, and why a pitch deck can make or break your brand.  […]

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Strengthen Your Nonprofit’s Social Enterprise With a Website Makeover

Cookies are a great way to say “I miss you.” With Cookie Cart’s new website, designed by Modern Logic, more customers can support Cookie Cart’s mission from home.  Cookie Cart provides work, life, and leadership lessons to Twin Cities teens through entrepreneurship, and it’s growing. While the nonprofit gains most of its support through corporations, foundations, and individual donors, Cookie Cart is poised to make their cookies pay off in a big way. “Social enterprise is a huge movement and it’s a no-brainer for us to make cookies an earned revenue stream for us,” says Taylor Lubich from Cookie Cart. “Donors and customers need to know that we really sell cookies! It was important to make that part of our website really appealing for customers.”  Taylor made it happen in partnership with Modern Logic. She says, “We’re a nonprofit and a bakery, and our primary workforce is youth. We’re just not a traditional e-commerce site. We have a lot of different elements we need on our website. In working with Ryan & Chip from Modern Logic, they [...]

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