A Lesson from Lighter Capital: How Webinars Can Help Keep You Connected

Over the past year, Lighter Capital & Modern Logic have collaborated on several webinar series. It’s been a chance to get insight from successful CEOs and experts across multiple industries. Webinars aren’t a new idea- but they’re meeting the moment in an important way. […]

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Investing in a Sure Thing: Kings of Capitalism’s Story – And the Value Modern Logic Brought as a Partner

“Thanks to Modern Logic, I look like a hero right now. It’s such a weight off your shoulders when you work with people who care about your business like you do.” Kings of Capitalism serves savvy investors who want to create a loaded portfolio of ‘sure-things’ to build wealth with low risk. In developing the app version of their service, they needed smart developers who could guarantee trust. Here’s how Modern Logic helped KoC leverage technology to create an app and website that builds wealth for users. […]

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