Modern Logic for Business: Field Services

Grow your field service business with Managed ERP

Maximize productivity with fast, modern software

Based on industry-leading Odoo ERP, with more than 12 million users

Designed specifically for small and medium-sized businesses

Scheduling, sales, inventory, invoicing, and more all in one place

Your business at your fingertips: mobile app and tablet support out of the box

Ditch your slow legacy software.
Modern Logic for Business is fast, modern, and cloud-based

Improve your utilization and make more money with our Visual Scheduling app

  • Visualize all of your crews in one spot
  • Scheduling is as easy as dragging and dropping
  • Easily see underutilized days
  • Sophisticated searching, filtering, and tagging lets you work the way you want to

Run Your Business Your Way with Our Commercial Integrations

  • Quickbooks Enterprise and Quickbooks Online Integrations
  • E-Commerce Integration (Shopify, WooCommerce, and More)
  • Need a new integration? No problem! Our managed service includes unlimited commercial integrations*

Lower upfront cost and maximize value with our Managed ERP Service

  • Your business is always changing, your software should keep up
  • Modern Logic is your partner in growing your technology with your business
  • Never let your technology budget hold you back from growth
  • Stay modern and up-to-date on the latest technology without having to become a technology expert
Traditional ERP Modern Logic for Business
Low Upfront Cost
(Traditional ERPs can cost six figures for up front integration)
All Functionality
Commercial Integrations
(Often tens of thousands or more per integration)
Monthly Workflow Customization
(Billed per hour)
Custom Development Expensive INCLUDED*
Helpdesk Support
Patches & Security Updates Maybe INCLUDED
Monthly Training & Education
(Billed per hour)

* Custom development is subject to approval based on commercial viability.

Replace up to 80% of your software cost with 1 integrated solution

  • Existing ERPs are often ancient and slow
  • Average small business pays $3-6k / user / year for their SaaS software

    • This grows to $6-12k for $10M+ businesses
  • Most of this software is being underutilized
  • Very little differentiates you from your competitors, so why invest so much?

Get Started Fast

Implementation and integration in 3 months (depending on needs)
Tailored implementation plans to fit into your business cycle

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