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Are Your Eyes Too Big for Your Project?

With Thanksgiving behind us and the December Holiday fast approaching, it always gets me thinking about overeating. One more piece of pie won't hurt me, or constantly grazing all the treats laid out even when I am not hungry. It doesn't seem like a big deal until you are so stuffed you feel awful for a couple of hours, or even worse, you step on the scale in January, and you wonder where that 10 lbs came from. Where are you going with this? Thanks for the digestion tips, Chip, but how does this apply to the software project I am working on?  Just like having one more piece of pie, adding another feature or a string of changes to your project or sprint can cause you and your team a large amount of heartburn. Making choices like this in a vacuum, without considering the impact on other features or the team, doesn’t just hurt yourself. It impacts the entire team, the project, and your budget.  Suddenly everyone is sitting on the couch saying I don't feel well. Meal/Sprint [...]

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Six Gaming Industry Secrets To Make You Money

In the third webinar of our collaborative webinar series with Lighter Capital, we examined the ways you can build SaaS products that scale. Once you’ve brought your product to market and begin to understand your audience, how do you make money? Dustin Bruzenak, Chip Pedersen, and Jim Moar share their expertise. Borrow Strategies from the Gaming Industry From freemium to subscription, the gaming industry has long been a pioneer of monetization. By observing trends in gaming apps, you can learn important lessons about creating sticky apps that actually generate profit. Chip Pedersen, who spent decades in the game industry, tells us: “We’ve borrowed the terminology of minnows, dolphins, and whales. You need an ecosystem of all types of users. Whales are brand loyal, tell people all about you, and give you more money, but you can make plenty of money from minnows and dolphins playing for free and watching advertisements. Create multiple tiers for participation that would allow people to self-select as minnows, dolphins, or whales.”  Give Them the Game They Prefer to Play Analytics will help you identify [...]

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3 Tips for Understanding Your Customer Early

In the third webinar of our collaborative webinar series with Lighter Capital, we examined the ways you can build SaaS products that scale. So you’ve brought your product to market. How do you understand where you’re losing people, and what’s making your best customers come back? Dustin Bruzenak, Chip Pedersen, and Jim Moar share their expert opinion.  Prioritize the People In this stage, remember: the first goal is not to make money. The first goal is learning. What are you doing right? What are you doing wrong? Who’s your customer?  Dustin says, “So many companies we work with have a techie as a founder, and sales isn’t their experience. Just be inquisitive, and ask open ended questions. Don’t be the one talking 80% of the time about your features and functions. Let the customer talk 80% of the time, and really see how they use the product you offer. Ask for testimonials, even if anonymous, with a focus on your value proposition.” He continues,  “I know many founders who feel a sense of shyness about talking to their customers. [...]

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5 Principles to Get Your Product to Market Quickly

In the third webinar of our collaborative webinar series with Lighter Capital, we examined the ways you can build SaaS products that scale. How can you find your first market, build, and launch quickly? Dustin Bruzenak, Chip Pedersen, and Jim Moar share their expert opinion.  Find a Fast First Market  “Speed is just as critical as cash for a startup,” says Jim. “Whatever you select is critical for customer acquisition.” Getting to market quickly with a smaller, faster first market allows you to establish a beachhead of paying customers as soon as you can.  But it’s not just for cash. Your fast first market can accelerate your learning and create credibility for additional acquisition through customer testimonials. It’s More than Nice to Be Needed - It’s Essential  How do you find the fastest market for you and your product? Jim tells us, “The most important aspect of finding your first market is that your value proposition is seen by those customers as a Need to Have, not just a Nice to Have.” While most entrepreneurs are sure that what [...]

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Why Mobile Applications are the Blocking and Tackling of Your Digital Strategy

For years now, your customers have been spending more and more time on their smartphones and other handheld devices than engaging brands on desktop or laptop computers. And this trend is just as true for B2B and B2C companies.  For instance, in 2021, time spent using shopping apps reached over 100 billion hours, which increased 18% year-over-year. Moreover, with the rapid rise of remote workers in the previous few years, more employees are using mobile apps to improve productivity from anywhere they work, says ServiceNow. Additionally, IDC predicts a 47% rise in corporate IT budgets going to mobile application development platforms and tools in 2022. By some accounts, up to 42% of small businesses employ mobile applications. Yes, mobile apps have become more critical than ever in developing your business’s digital strategy.  Mobile Applications: The Blocking and Tackling of Digital Strategy Mobile apps are essential for meeting your customers where they’re at, so you probably won’t find them sitting at a desk at home or in an office. To borrow a sports metaphor, we consider mobile applications the blocking [...]

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What Agencies Get Wrong: A Conversation with Modern Logic CEO Dustin Bruzenak

Dustin Bruzenak has been in software development for 20 years. He’s worked at Adobe as a senior engineer, served major banks as a contract developer, and bootstrapped and sold an app-based company. However, for the past seven years, he’s been on the agency side of the industry, a side he finds distinctly troubling. “When I switched to the agency model,” he says, “I started to see how messed up software development could be.” […]

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