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A Lesson from Lighter Capital: How Webinars Can Help Keep You Connected

Over the past year, Lighter Capital & Modern Logic have collaborated on several webinar series. It’s been a chance to get insight from successful CEOs and experts across multiple industries. Webinars aren’t a new idea- but they’re meeting the moment in an important way. […]

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What Agencies Get Wrong: A Conversation with Modern Logic CEO Dustin Bruzenak

Dustin Bruzenak has been in software development for 20 years. He’s worked at Adobe as a senior engineer, served major banks as a contract developer, and bootstrapped and sold an app-based company. However, for the past seven years, he’s been on the agency side of the industry, a side he finds distinctly troubling. “When I switched to the agency model,” he says, “I started to see how messed up software development could be.” […]

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