Six Gaming Industry Secrets To Make You Money

In the third webinar of our collaborative webinar series with Lighter Capital, we examined the ways you can build SaaS products that scale. Once you’ve brought your product to market and begin to understand your audience, how do you make money? Dustin Bruzenak, Chip Pedersen, and Jim Moar share their expertise. Borrow Strategies from the Gaming Industry From freemium to subscription, the gaming industry has long been a pioneer of monetization. By observing trends in gaming apps, you can learn important lessons about creating sticky apps that actually generate profit. Chip Pedersen, who spent decades in the game industry, tells us: “We’ve borrowed the terminology of minnows, dolphins, and whales. You need an ecosystem of all types of users. Whales are brand loyal, tell people all about you, and give you more money, but you can make plenty of money from minnows and dolphins playing for free and watching advertisements. Create multiple tiers for participation that would allow people to self-select as minnows, dolphins, or whales.”  Give Them the Game They Prefer to Play Analytics will help you identify [...]