CalPro ADAS Solutions

“The Modern Logic team did an extraordinary job working with us.”

01. Who They Are:

CalPro provides automotive diagnostic scan solutions.

02. The Problem:

CalPro’s founders had a vision for exactly what they wanted their product to do and how it should work, but they were not sure which technology was best to build it on.

03. Modern Logic’s Solution:

Modern Logic found the best technology for CalPro’s needs, built the smartphone application, helped pick out a hardware component, developed the hardware interface, and helped CalPro’s team build a website.

CalPro ADAS Solutions Website

04. Results:

CalPro ADAS Solutions iOS Screens

“The Modern Logic team did an extraordinary job working with us. We were trying to fit square pegs into round holes in our initial solution. Andy helped us let go of our first idea and strategize to get to the final solution… They really helped us troubleshoot our way through. We could have made the decision to have a hardware component or not, but we thought there was a strategic advantage to having a hardware component. Getting that to work was really important. If we had to give up and not use the hardware, that would have put us at a long-term disadvantage.”

Tom Jasper, CEO of CalPro ADAS Solutions