As a nonprofit employee and copywriter who focuses on mission-driven organizations, I’m always looking for stories that give you the warm fuzzies. That’s what brought me to working with Modern Logic! In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Modern Logic created a service giveaway. They provided services to passionate, focused startup professionals. I got the chance to speak with great leaders about their own work and their experience with Modern Logic.

I love doing interviews because I love learning about people. In my background as a copywriter, I’ve spoken with many people involved in the education and nonprofit fields. Working with Modern Logic gave me the opportunity to work with a new crowd: technology and startup professionals.

I expected to hear more technobabble than an episode of Star Trek. Instead, our conversations were grounded. Sure, I did some Googling to parse out acronyms and new vocabulary. But our interviews had familiar themes. As I interviewed successful startup leaders about their experience working with Modern Logic, they focused most on the personal connections they built working with the team.

Here are just a few of the phrases used: “Cheerleading.” “Hand-holding.” “Listening.” Even with every interaction mediated by a screen, clients could feel the warmth of the Modern Logic team.

What’s my top takeaway from working with Modern Logic? Even in an industry based in technology, human connection is paramount. Modern Logic’s secret sauce is Minnesota nice. No doubt, the Modern Logic’s team skill and talent in tech matters. Their clients are leaving with excellent technical solutions. They also leave feeling cared for.

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