Over the past year, Lighter Capital & Modern Logic have collaborated on several webinar series. It’s been a chance to get insight from successful CEOs and experts across multiple industries. Webinars aren’t a new idea- but they’re meeting the moment in an important way.

Caitlin Goetze, Head of Partnerships & Community at Lighter Capital, shared with us why she believes in this collaboration.

Developing The Partnership

Lighter Capital serves entrepreneurs who are growing from the early stages to the later stage. “Growth and marketing requires capital. Over the last 11 years, we have worked with more than 450 companies and done over 800 rounds of financing,” Caitlin tells us.

Lighter Capital provides debt financing and growth capital for early to mid-stage startups, primarily SaaS technology companies.

The connection between Modern Logic and Lighter Capital was logical.

“Three years ago, we met Dustin and Linda and the Modern Logic team,” says Cailtin. “We realized the overlap of clients meant we should do more work together. The fact that they work with companies who are still developing their product, or developing the next generation, means they are similar to the ones who want to use Lighter Capital. It’s a nice natural overlap. The way that Modern Logic works with their clientele is very much in line with what we do.”

She adds, “I love that Modern Logic, the way it’s been built by the CEO, you can see how much they truly love working with startups- and so do we.”

The Webinar Series

Lighter Capital and Modern Logic created a webinar series covering topics of interest to startups. The webinar format isn’t new, but it’s an underrated tool in your kit.

“We’ve always been in a pattern of doing webinars,” Caitlin shares. “It keeps content alive out there and is an opportunity to work with partners. Our form of financing is relatively new in the world of startups, so we are on a push for education. We want to build the right partners and put out messages that are not only sales messages.”

Modern Logic & Lighter Capital did a series of webinars over 2021- one in each quarter- to pick out one topic underneath the topic of growing and accelerating SaaS companies. We had the chance to talk about product, sales, and operations. In 2022, they have focused on sales- building, sustaining sales, and making a sales team.

“It matured from being an easy idea to showcase what we’re both working on, to a nice relationship we can continue for years to come,” she concludes.

Find links to the webinar series on the Modern Logic YouTube channel.

Why Webinars?

“Webinars give you the opportunity to put a face to your company. With Dustin as a moderator, Modern Logic shows they’re made up of real people who truly love to work with startups,” Caitlin tells us.

It’s also been an ability to build new connections and relationships. “The strength of any sales side is picking the right folks to work with,” says Caitlin. “When we think of a company that’s a good fit for Modern Logic, it’s an easy handover. Clients see those collaborations – they will see that and understand that you have good connections and relationships. Financing can be very transactional – the more we see how we’re linked in with others, the better. It adds a lot of value to work with partners like Modern Logic.”

Is a Webinar Right for You?

“The biggest question is capacity,” Caitlin shares. “Who can run them at your company? Then, ask which partners are going to be in line with your goals in your company? Where’s the strongest overlap of clients? Assess it that way and see if there is an ideal opportunity to get in front of your client’s customer base. That’s an easy low hanging fruit. I don’t think it’s ever too early to build out a cadence of webinars. Several of our clients have gone on to do their own webinars. Different channels can bring in new partners and clients straight to you.”

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