2020’s over. And while at times, it felt like the year just wouldn’t stop kicking you in the face, there’s actually a lot we have to celebrate at Modern Logic!

This past year, we brought on great talent from exceptional companies. Chip Pedersen and Linda Cummings are our newest team members. They’re really talented, and great “gets” for us. Our clients will benefit from their senior management experience, added to the already great development talent we have on the team.

Of course, COVID-19 had a huge impact. We’re so lucky that so many of you have stuck with us through the hard times. And we’ve brought on a number of new clients, including ones that do real good for the community. 

I’m also really proud of the work our team did on SafeDistance, the COVID symptom tracking app. The community pulled together to make it happen. I was thinking, “look how motivated our team is to work when they have an opportunity to help. Is there more work that’s like that we could align to our corporate objectives?” That’s why we launched our service giveaway, as a vehicle to help startups that would have an impact on our community. My team members are some of the best at their craft. When you have that kind of talent, you can use it to make money, but you can also have an impact on the world around you. We’re looking forward to doing more work like this in 2021.

I’m also thankful for all the new folks we connected with (virtually) at events this year! I love Twin Cities Startup Week – that’s my SuperBowl. Even during the pandemic, we were still able to attend a virtual version of the event. We sponsored Enterprise Rising & MESA, and spoke at the MN Virtual Marketing Summit, hosted by ICSummit. All of these were great opportunities to give back. Looking forward, our goal in the new year is to try to do one engagement a month. We hope to see you there! 

In 2021, the story will be slow recovery. I’m optimistic that we’ve seen the worst. I’m excited to meet new customers and see our current clients succeed in the new economy. 

Here’s to recovery & growth in 2021. 


Dustin Bruzenak 

CEO, Modern Logic