Our CEO, Dustin Bruzenak, said goodbye to 2020 with a reflection on the team’s accomplishments. Now, he’s looking forward to what 2021 will bring – including what’s new in the world of technology. 


What’s Got Dustin Excited in 2021: 


Slow and Steady Recovery 


“In 2021, the story will be a slow recovery. I’m really optimistic that we’ve seen the worst.  Thankfully throughout the COVID crisis, our financial institutions have stayed fairly strong. That, combined with a mid-year recovery of normalcy should mean a slow, steady recovery and return to business as usual. The process will take a while, but we should have a long period of growth, and that’s a really good position for our businesses and clients that have survived the crunch. Everyone has come out of this leaner and more focused, which should help them accelerate into the growing economy. I’m excited about engaging new customers and growing our current customers, and seeing them succeed in the recovering economy.” 


The Rise of React Native 


“Over the last few years, we’ve seen the rise of React Native, and writing  true cross-platform code. We used to talk about this ten years ago but the frameworks have stayed immature until now. React Native does this really well and allows us to save 50% or more building cross platform mobile apps. Last year, we started to see a turnaround in React Native adoption. The APIs have matured and we’re no longer having to convince people to use the tech, they are coming to us for our expertise. Even large companies are adopting RN as their standard tech stack. It’s so exciting that you don’t have to build things twice anymore. This is something we’ve wanted to be able to do for our clients for a very long time.” 


The Transformation of Work


“The rise of digital conferencing and work from home is going to have a transformative impact on how we approach work going forward. Even though we’ll have some return to normalcy, the trends created in 2020 are here to stay and helping people manage and navigate these trends is a great position for Modern Logic to be in. Companies like ours will get busy revamping, renovating, and engaging tech like mobile apps and desktop software. This is a business segment I’m really excited about and I expect it to massively increase over the next decade.” 


It’s Just Beginning 


“I think if we all learned one thing from 2020, it’s that we’re still at the very beginning of digital transformation. I think lots of us thought we were closer to the middle. I’m excited about some of the new techs potential, like AR/VR. Within the next 5 years, we will see those devices expand in use. Or, take LIDAR – it’s a much better technology for things like depth mapping. The implications of that technology within the next decade will be really cool. Heck, a furniture retailer was telling me the other day that you can lay out your living room on your phone. We’ll see all that stuff get better and better. The future is digital! At this point, I’d be comfortable getting that as a tattoo.”


Wearables for Wellness


“Another thing I’m very excited about is companies like our client, HabitAware. This is a whole new class of companies that are revolutionizing technology in the mental health space. We’re starting to more deeply understand the role wearables and mobile can play in both health and mental health. I expect to see a dramatic expansion of tech to help with things like addiction recovery, depression, obsessive behaviors and many other things that people invisibly struggle with everyday. More and more, employers are going to see this as really important – we need to engage with the talent we need, retain them, and take care of their mental and physical well-being. A variety of new technologies will be available to help with that. And that’ll help people live and work better. This is a personal passion of mine and it’s amazing to see it get starting to get the attention it deserves from the tech and business communities.” 


What will you build in 2021? We want to help you make it happen.