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Our CEO, Dustin Bruzenak, collaborated with Zach Hoene, VP for Strategic Partnerships from Lighter Capital and Kirk Klobe, CTO of HabitAware to share their hard-won insights into successful launches with Beyond MVP Launch: Building SaaS Products that Scale:  Did you miss the webinar? Check out our top 8 insights below.

1. Build the Bare Minimum First

Release an MVP that is ruthlessly simple. It should showcase a primary feature that solves a user’s problem—and no more. Resist the urge to overbuild!

2. Focus on Users, Not Features

Founders tend to focus more on what a product can do than on who it’s doing it for. Prioritizing user needs helps you build successful software with product-market fit.

3. Seek Out a Development Partner, Not an Order Taker

Look for engaged, strategic developers; they will help you make the critical decisions that can save you real time and money throughout your product’s lifecycle.

4. Invest in a Product Owner

Hire a product owner you trust. She or he will make a thousand decisions on your behalf, most of which aren’t critical. In the end, you’ll get to market faster.

5. Add Features that Secure New Customers

Once your product is out in the wild, do not add features that will dazzle your existing users. Instead, add features that will give you access to new users—and new revenue streams.

6. Avoid Gratuitous Redesigns

Redesigns make you feel productive. But they are expensive, and they rarely increase revenue.

7. Ship Faster Than You Think You Should

If you ship a perfect product or feature, you’ve shipped too late—and likely spent a lot of money. Ship quickly to get your product in users’ hands faster than your competitors.

8. Get to Market, Then Learn

Integrate what you learn from real users back into your product; it is the best way to grow your business.

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