Beyond MVP Launch: Building SaaS Products that Scale

On January 21st Modern Logic will be co-hosting a webinar with Lighter Capital, a Seattle based VC and HabitAware’s CTO, Kirk Klobe.

Thursday, January 21st
10:00 am PST, 12:00 CST

Event Description

Defining your value proposition, building a simple product, and launching it into the market gets you to the starting point. Refining your offering and beginning to scale is an entirely different animal.

Join us along with Kirk Klobe (CTO, HabitAware, Time Magazine’s most Innovative company), and Dustin Bruzenak (CEO, Modern Logic) as they discuss key takeaways from their vast experience launching and scaling SaaS companies.
What are things to stay away from? Aim for? Be cautious of? These two speakers have definitely hit their fair share of roadblocks and blasted their way through them. Tune in to save yourself sometime by hearing how they did it.

We Will Cover:
  • Lessons learned from Modern Logic with decades of working with pre- MVP & Post-MVP SaaS companies
  • Planning to Scale
  • Insights from HabitAware, a post-MVP, 2018 MN Cup Winner and Time Magazine’s most Innovative company.

Dustin Bruzenak
CEO | Founder
Modern Logic

Dustin is the CEO of Modern Logic, a Minnesota based consultancy that helps businesses design, build and grow innovative digital products. A former senior engineer and a serial entrepreneur himself, Dustin’s passion is helping others on the journey from idea to impact.

Kirk Klobe
CTO | Founder

Kirk is the Co-Founder and CTO of HabitAware, a body-focused repetitive behaviour detection device. He draws his experience from 25+ years of working with technology as a principal development engineer at Starkey Hearing Technologies.

Zach Hoene
VP of Strategic Partnerships
Lighter Capital

Zach has worked in banking and finance for nine years, and currently leads strategic partnerships for Lighter Capital. Prior to this role, Zach worked in venture banking at Pacific Western Bank and in middle-market commercial banking at JPMorgan Chase.


About Modern Logic

Modern Logic is a digital product studio. Our approach to innovation helps grow your digital ecosystem by solving difficult problems with technology, humanity and empathy. Our experienced team comes from some of the best technology companies in the business, such as Adobe, Apple, & Microsoft.

About HabitAware

HabitAware is a body-focused repetitive behavior detection device aimed at bringing awareness and mitigating behaviors such as hair pulling, nail biting, and skin picking. HabitAware has been named Time Magazine’s most Innovative Company (2019), received two significant NIH grants, and has been featured in a number of articles including the Washington Post. 

About Lighter Capital

Lighter Capital has revolutionized startup financing by making it easy for entrepreneurs to quickly access up to $3 million in growth and working capital with zero dilution and full control over how to use the funds. Lighter has provided financing to 400+ companies, totaling over $200M, including MapAnything, Jive, Quip, and more.

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