Our team is looking for silver linings in 2020, this year like no other. Despite everything that’s happened, we’ve had big and small successes to celebrate! We asked the team to reflect on what work they’re the most proud of this year, and here’s what they said:

Linda Cummings: I’m proud of the ecosystem we’ve built to support the entrepreneurial community and the partnerships we’ve developed with clients and within the industry.

Chip Pedersen: I was most proud of how we came together to create a COVID app (SafeDistance) in a very short amount of time, with many different people.

Dylan Bruzenak: I am most proud of the work we did on image recognition for Sweet Pea. We Introduced AI to an existing product to detect inappropriate images and flag them for admin review without disrupting existing users. Our implementation is simple and flexible and it was a lot of fun.

Andy Rahn: This year, I’m so proud of how we were able to leverage React Native and AWS Amplify to build more quickly, and with higher quality, while also saving our customers money!

John Thomalla: I’m most proud of the support that we could provide local innovators via our Service Giveaway during the height of the pandemic, where we divied up $20,000 services to five impact focused companies for free! (i.e. Thrivors Inc – app design, AppyHour – AWS services & security consultations, ZeSa Fitness – pitch deck support)

Ryan Pedersen: In 2020, I am most proud of designing and building websites, but the most important thing I am proud of is building fully functional Ecommerce systems. During this time I worked with a variety of different clients with very different needs in terms of selling products. I am happy to say I was able to solve these problems and build Ecommerce solutions that suited their needs.

A huge thank you to our team and our community for making the best out of this challenging year!

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