This is the fifth in a five part series where we will share the Key Takeaways from the webinar: Building SaaS that Scale: Accelerating Sales, Hosted by Modern Logic and Lighter Capital on August 18th.

In the webinar, Dustin Bruzenak, CEO, Modern Logic and Tom O’Neill, CEO, Parallax conversed about how they have navigated building effective sales strategies and techniques to drive business growth in this new era of B to B selling.

In the first of the series, the first key takeaway is to really know your customer. The second is to have deliberate market focus that evolves as you learn through your sales process. The third was to Identify and Clarify your Target Customer. Lastly the fourth was Developing a Brand.


  1. Create lists of key customers within your segment to target with account-based marketing or a marketing strategy that fits your segment of customers
  2. Collect data about your target audience to use as you develop plans for the articles you write. Surround your customer with messaging and thought leadership as you share your articles and outbound communication.
  3. Prepare your sales team with materials that speak to the common issues your customers are facing.
  4. Develop stories that share how you helped your target customer overcome common challenges that the target audience is facing.
  5. Use multiple channels and email sequences that include your articles and blog posts. Find relevant events and make a point to speak at them. Ensure that you have an active cadence of social media posts & shares.
  6. Find ways to operationalize your sales process so that you can scale. As a sales or business leader, it is impossible to be on every sales call or oversee every sales activity.

Key Takeaway:
It is important to continue to gather information and pay attention to customer pains as you find ways to align with the decision makers as their partner in solving them. Build stories as you gain traction and share them through your direct sales and marketing efforts. Your goal is to provide utility and value to your customer or target audience.

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