This is the fourth in a five part series where we will share the Key Takeaways from the webinar: Building SaaS that Scale: Accelerating Sales, Hosted by Modern Logic and Lighter Capital on August 18th.

In the webinar, Dustin Bruzenak, CEO, Modern Logic and Tom O’Neill, CEO, Parallax conversed about how they have navigated building effective sales strategies and techniques to drive business growth in this new era of B to B selling.

In the first of the series, the first key takeaway is to really know your customer. The second is to have deliberate market focus that evolves as you learn through your sales process. The third was to Identify and Clarify your Target Customer.

Be the Brand that is Talked About:

  1. Don’t be the company that thinks that giving out a pair of socks with your logo (this is how Tom illustrated this) is good brand building. Strive to be the company that instantly is able to give your customers value – value that will help them improve their business.
  2. Take the time to understand your customer. Strive to position your brand by providing value to that specific customer, authentically. Create a regular, repeatable process as you make connections. Ensure that your sales team is aligned around the value stories and repeatable initiatives that you are delivering on.
  3. Use language that represents how the customers feel. Talk about the problems the way they experience them and ensure that your sales team is doing the same.

Brand is more than a logo – you must provide utility through your brand:


  1. Be the people in the industry that everyone wants to know. Your goal is to be knowledgeable, share and provide value. Be passionate about helping other businesses.
  2. Create a cadence of content such as blog posts, articles and email content that speaks to the identified problems and ideas to support overcoming them. Ensure that the cadence has a regular schedule so that the recipient knows what to expect – this also builds trust. Use information gathered by the work with your Advisory Council to support your content strategy.
  3. Be where your customers are – speak and attend events that your customers are attending. This also allows people to meet you through your people – your people humanize the brand.
  4. Make it a habit to always be giving back and make sure to provide value through the lifecycle – with consistency.

Key Takeaway:
Focus on how you can provide value by giving back. You have value to offer in your experiences gained by supporting and helping like customers. Create a strategic discipline to share your knowledge in a repeatable, consistent and authentic way.

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