“Thanks to Modern Logic, I look like a hero right now. It’s such a weight off your shoulders when you work with people who care about your business like you do.”

Kings of Capitalism serves savvy investors who want to create a loaded portfolio of ‘sure-things’ to build wealth with low risk. In developing the app version of their service, they needed smart developers who could guarantee trust. Here’s how Modern Logic helped KoC leverage technology to create an app and website that builds wealth for users.

An Inventive Investing Idea

Bridget O’Leary, VP of Marketing, explains how Kings of Capitalism works: “There are 25 stocks that we believe must be in your portfolio – the Kings of Capitalism. You don’t need 95% of the S&P. We encourage people to only invest in the best ones. Our app also shows you when to buy and when to hold, along with insightful articles 3 or 4 times a week. We also have a premium upgrade where you can get 12 Princes of Capitalism, which are lesser-known but could be considered the next generation of kings.” Learn more about the app here.

Kings of Capitalism began as an email service. “We were asking, how do we take this email-heavy organization and do the same work in an app?” Bridget explains. “The three founding employees have years of experience in financial publishing, but no experience in app development.”

Taking the Leap to Tech

The Kings of Capitalism team decided the time was right to build an app and website based on their successful service. Like many teams, they brought strong expertise in their field, but lacked experience with building apps. “I don’t come from a technical background, and we’re a lean team. Unfortunately, we felt that other developers took advantage of us for this,” Bridget tells us.

“Where we had been struggling most was our lack of knowledge in the development space, and developers moving very slowly. For example, our Google representative told us a certain item would probably take just 10 hours and be done in a week. The first developer we hired took 3 months to finish it! It was time to walk away.”

The Third Time’s the Charm

Modern Logic is actually the third development team Kings of Capitalism worked with to help launch their app and website- and the first local developer.

“That 3-month-long feature was unfinished- and Modern Logic made that feature work within a week of contracting with us! So many of the bugs we experienced all the time were gone, so I could work on the things I really wanted to work on,” says Bridget. “The amount of problems they solved for us within one month was astounding.”

“When simple features like your notifications don’t work, it makes it impossible to be profitable as a business. We launched a cool interactive tool, the King’s Calculator, which has doubled our time in-app for users. As a marketer, it was imperative that the item works now, not a month from now. With Modern Logic, I could trust that they’ll hit that deadline.”

Modern Logic’s “Minnesota Nice” Advantage

Bridget chose to work with Modern Logic to finally work with a developer closer to home. “Offshore developers can be great, but I can’t stress enough how great it is to work with someone in a similar time zone. There’s nothing worse than having an urgent problem while everyone on the dev team is asleep,” Bridget says.

What set Modern Logic apart most was the team’s communication. “Any time there’s an issue, I get feedback right away and someone’s on it. I’ve worked with developers who are just not easy to talk to,” says Bridget.

“I immediately liked Chip,” she continues. “I felt he was someone I could ask questions to. I’m not technically inclined. I repel technology! I told them I’d need help, and to understand the lingo and how many hours tasks take.”

The team is just so kind. They take the time to explain things and teach me along the way, which is helping me become a better project manager. I’ve learned things from them that I can take along with me in my career.”

They’re a true extension of our team. We work with a lot of vendors- to have one that really feels like they’re part of your team is a great feeling. I look like a hero right now, because things are working again,” Bridget laughs. “It’s such a weight off your shoulders when you have people who care about your business like you do.”

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