Your photos aren’t your memories – it’s the stories behind them that are. Appreciate life’s journey with the only app built for retelling and reliving the memories that matter most: Lookback. The debut app provides a new way to share your favorite memories while connecting with others.

In eleven months, Modern Logic brought Lookback to life! Learn more about the new app and how Modern Logic turned Metalab’s beautiful design into a working way to store living memories.

Like Social Media, But Better

As a growth marketing expert, Nate Champion knows social media inside out- and he doesn’t always like what he sees. “The number one reason we’re all on social media is because we fear not being connected, but it’s not an actual connection,” he tells us. “There’s a desire to create a social media app that actually makes you happy instead of making you feel like you wasted your time, or sad because your life isn’t like others’. I’m not doing an ads model because I want it to be authentic. I’m trying to make it a safe place to interact with people you love and relive your favorite memories.”

Lookback provides an alternative. Users can share their most meaningful memories by sharing the stories behind their photos. Every Lookback memory contains a title, photos, and an audio or video recording telling the story. The app serves as an archive of your important moments – organized and ad free.

“We take tons of photos to remember our memories, but photos aren’t memories. They’re reminders of memories. The real memories are the stories you tell when you reminisce. I want to help people document stories so they can relive their memories and remember the things we generally forget over time.”

Why Modern Logic?

Nate admired the designs of Slack and other apps by Metalab, so he approached them with a design request. With the designs in hand, he went searching for development agencies in Minnesota.

“Modern Logic stood out,” he says. “They seemed so much more interested in the product, and they did so much upfront work. Andy went crazy on a list of all the features. Most other agencies will say, ‘Sure, we can do it for fill-in-the-blank numbers.’ Andy told me precisely what he could do. Ever since, we’ve been working on the app. We released the first version in February.”

Modern Logic team’s extensive experience with Adobe was the right experience for a picture-based app. “They could consider things other people would not,” he notes. “Everything from deciding what kind of code to write, how to build it, memory, segment, tying users together, onboarding, understanding tradeoffs- all those little things.”

What’s Next

The first version of the app was released in February 2021.  “Metalab said “Whoa! That was really fast!” They actually brought me in for a Q&A.” They said, “This is crazy how fast you went from design, to development, to an app in the app store!” Is it perfect? No, but it’s there. To me, 10 months feels slow. But in the app world, that’s fast. They really did a great job.”

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