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Modern Logic Built a New Persuasive & Informative Website for the Minnesota Urban Debate League

Modern Logic Built a New Persuasive & Informative Website for the Minnesota Urban Debate League – We loved partnering with this non profit and being a part of their important and impactful initiative!When you’re in the business of communication, your website better reflect it. Modern Logic made it happen, building the Minnesota Urban Debate League a persuasive and informative nonprofit website. […]

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In just 11 months, Modern Logic brought Lookback to life

Your photos aren’t your memories – it’s the stories behind them that are. Appreciate life’s journey with the only app built for retelling and reliving the memories that matter most: Lookback. The debut app provides a new way to share your favorite memories while connecting with others. In eleven months, Modern Logic brought Lookback to life! Learn more about the new app and how Modern Logic turned Metalab’s beautiful design into a working way to store living memories. […]

Tap Into Our Brainpower!

Modern Logic Solves Software & Hardware Problems for CalPro A surprising Christmas present landed on each of our desks in late 2020: a toy skull with CalPro’s diagnostic tool attached wires attached across the hemispheres. It’s certainly a conversation piece! The skull is more than just quirky decor. CalPro sent it to us as a thank you for lending our brainpower to their launch. Todd Balan, CalPro’s CEO, took the time to personalize each team member’s toy skull. “We appreciated Modern Logic helping us with all the stuff we didn’t know,” says Tom Jasper, CalPro’s CFO. “Todd wired into the hemispheres of all the brains of Modern Logic’s team, depending on if they were right-brained or left brained.” Why’d they go to all the trouble? That’s how much they appreciated the Modern Logic approach to partnership. Here’s what they had to say about working with Modern Logic: Tom: “It’s a lot of fun. We like to have fun. It’s work, though. We need to do both. We had fun with their team. It’s fun to act stupid for 90 [...]

Announcing Modern Logic’s Giveaway Winner: AppyHour 

“They’re rockstars!” – Appy Hour  Modern Logic & AppyHour teamed up to convert data into great deals for restaurants and their guests.  COVID-19 has moved the whole world online. It’s shaken up the global economy and the restaurant industry. That means Appy Hour was facing a challenge and an opportunity.  Modern Logic launched a service giveaway in Summer 2020, aimed at helping startups grow the digital side of their business. AppyHour was one of the prize winners! The Modern Logic team helped AppyHour maximize their current infrastructure and create a roadmap for what’s next. See how they did it:  […]

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