When startup entrepreneurs connect with developers, they often don’t speak the same language. That’s why Andy Rahn, Principle Engineer at Modern Logic, will present a crash course on developer jargon at Twin Cities Startup Week.

“We’ve been helping startups build technology for years now. One thing I’ve noticed happen over, and over, is that misunderstandings creep into the project because of the language we use. It’s too full of jargon and loaded phrases,” says Andy.

“To someone new to software development, they might agree to something seemingly innocuous just because they didn’t realize that some phrase had a very specific meaning to the engineering team!”

Andy created this presentation to empower listeners to learn confusing terms, loaded phrases, and techno buzzwords. You’ll be conversational in Developer-Speak in no time!

He’ll share some fun stories about how terms can be misinterpreted in software development and give tips on how we at Modern Logic avoid confusion.

“People should look forward to learning how software development teams think and communicate, so that they’ll be more successful when dealing with their own software projects in the future,” Andy tells us.

Find more insight from Andy’s experience at Twin Cities Startup Week! Andy will share A Common Vocabulary for Developers and Entrepreneurs. Andy’s session will be held on Tuesday,the 20th at 12:20-1:15 pm

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